Comprehensive AMC Contract

Comprehensive AMC Contract

2.0 Scope of work/services

The scope of work/services broadly covers the following:

i) The scope of work covers rectification of Laptops, Desktop Computers with their accessories, printers, scanners etc. including supply of their spare parts.

ii) The contractor shall perform services in a professional manner and in accordance with and up to the standards and to the entire satisfaction of officer in charge for the purpose.

iii) The contractor shall be responsible for periodical preventive maintenance of computer system hardware for smooth functioning and cleaning of all hardware using suitable cleaning material to keep all equipment under this contract in good working condition. Each of the equipment has to be proactively checked and cleaned at least once in three months. A register shall be maintained by the Service Engineer of the contractor showing the status of periodic preventive maintenance and cleaning of the equipment which shall be produced to the concerned officer duly signed by the user(with the name and designation) certifying the satisfactory service rendered by the contractor during the said period, for verification before submitting the quarterly bill.

iv) Software (System & Application) Support: The maintenance contract is comprehensive inclusive of Operating System (OS) and all other Software support on all the systems covered under it. Any problem related to OS maintenance, reloading of OS with all device drivers, system configuration & network configuration etc. shall be attended & rectified by the contractor.

v) LAN support: The scope of work covers the maintenance of Local Area

work of LAN covers:

(a) Checking of cable connectivity, Crimping of node, Punching of IOs and Cabling, if there is any fault in the existing cable, between Switch and IOs.

(b) LAN Cable will be provided by End User if required.

vi) The scope of services also covers:

a. Responding to breakdown calls on any equipment under the contract and repair/replacement of the defective component required for smooth working of the equipment.

b. Formatting of Hard Disk Drive (HDD), installation of software.

c. Data recovery is not covered

vii) Co-coordinating with OEMs for rectification of a problem for the equipment under warranty.